Monday, February 1, 2021

Samsung SDI / LG New Energy / SKI's Ultra-High Nickel Technology Route "Speeding"

Samsung SDI, LG New Energy, SKI and other power battery "Korea Gang" are marching on the technical route of ultra-high nickel batteries.

On December 22, according to Korean media ETNews, Samsung SDI plans to start supplying cylindrical batteries with 91% nickel content in positive electrodes to global electric vehicle manufacturers . The report cited industry insiders as saying that Samsung SDI has planned to mass-produce electric vehicle batteries with 88% nickel content in 2021. Subsequently, the company will gradually increase the nickel content to 90% or more, and continue to target the global electric vehicle battery market.

The source said that Samsung SDI has begun to supply 21700 cylindrical batteries to a large overseas power tool manufacturer. The most eye-catching is that the battery positive electrode uses " nickel, cobalt, aluminum " materials (ie NCA battery), which contains 90% of nickel.

This is the third South Korean company to develop ultra-high nickel battery technology after LG New Energy and SKI. However, no domestic company has announced the production of ultra-high nickel batteries with a nickel content of 90%.

As for LG New Energy, on December 17, it was also reported from Korean media ETNews that LG New Energy plans to supply Tesla with its ultra-high nickel NCMA batteries in 2021. The report pointed out that the nickel content in the positive electrode material of the battery produced by LG New Energy has been increased to 90%, and the cobalt content has been reduced to less than 5%. A single charge can provide a cruising range of more than 600 kilometers.

LG New Energy plans to start mass production of NCMA batteries in the second quarter of 2021, and start supplying them to Tesla in the second half of the year, mainly to Tesla’s factories in China, which are expected to be used in China-made Model Y and next-generation electric Car models.

The news of SKI's launch of ultra-high nickel batteries came earlier. In August of this year, some Korean media said that SKI is working to develop a new type of NCM battery before the end of the year. The nickel content is 88%, which is 8% higher than the NCM 811 battery, the cruising range is increased to 500km - 600km, and the cobalt content is 6%, which is higher than that of the NCM811 battery. Reduce by 4%.

Also in August, SKI announced the successful commercialization of the world's first NCM9 (9/0.5/0.5) battery with a nickel content of 90%.

In addition, OFweek Lithium Grid noted that, as the current global leader in electric vehicles and one of the important customers of many battery manufacturers, Tesla's ambitions for ultra-high nickel batteries are no longer a secret.

On this year's Battery Day, Musk unveiled his ultra-high nickel ultimate state battery with 100% nickel content. According to foreign media reports last week, Tesla will send a delegation to Indonesia in January next year to discuss nickel purchases with the local government.

It can be seen that the power battery "Korean Gang" has already precipitated the technology of ultra-high nickel batteries, and now there is Tesla's action "assist", the "Korean Gang" is bound to run wild on the ultra-high nickel battery technology route.

The last thing to say is that although the "Korea Gang" may be one step ahead of its high-nickel technology, the safety issue cannot be underestimated. After all, Samsung SDI and LG New Energy are still stuck in safety issues.

Source: Vstav

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