Thursday, October 1, 2020

Your Complete Guide to Installing Showcase Lighting Fixtures

Showcase lighting strips provide brilliant, seemingly sourceless illumination. These strip lights customize to virtually any showcase lighting scenario and offer a wide range of trim options that deliver total control over lighting levels and keep the fixture itself out of sight.  Those made by custom linear strip lighting manufacturers such as Phantom Lighting ships are custom cut in the factory display case dimensions and pre-configured with xenon, incandescent, fluorescent, or LED bulbs. Each bulb type delivers a different intensity and style of light that optimally meets specific display lighting requirements. Xenon is slightly whiter and has a better lamp life. Incandescent has a more golden glow that is preferable in some settings. LED is the most expensive on the front end, but consumes only 20% of the power of other bulb types. LED’s also burn cool and feature life spans of up to 50,000 hours. All three lamping options available in showcase lighting strips feature glare shields that make them ideal for horizontal applications and multiple trim shapes that provide customization and conceal light above eye level. 

One of the many retail niche markets that benefit tremendously from showcase fixtures is that of the small, family jewelry store. Normally these establishments operate on tight budgets and require most of their overhead for wholesale purchasing. Paying large power bills for showcase lighting simply doesn’t add up to good math. Fluorescent lights often provide the small jewelry storeowner with the best option for bright illumination. Although fluorescents have earned a bad reputation in some circles for ultraviolet emissions, in jewelry showcase lighting this proves a mute point. Gold, silver, and precious stones suffer no adverse effects from UV rays and sparkle brightly under cheaper, cool-burning fluorescents that consume less electricity and can stay on longer without overheating and burning out. Stores on a budget can tighten their belts even further with low-voltage showcase lighting strips and add a touch of special effects with selective use of incandescent bulbs. Although they burn hotter and cost a bit more, incandescent bulbs emit a slight, golden aura that provides exceptional, selective accent lighting of gold overlaid necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pins, and some ornamental rings. 

This is ideal for clear color rendering when the retailer chooses to merchandise a variety of item types in a single case. Xenon bulbs do, however, produce infrared light that can damage certain delicate fabrics, such as those found in handkerchiefs and scarves. For showcase lighting of extremely delicate merchandise, Showcase recommends that retail corporations go the extra mile in front-end investment by installing LED bulbs in all showcase lighting strips. LED’s feature the world’s latest, most state of the art evolution in lighting technology, and may very well one day replace all other forms of lighting. Although 25% more expensive than xenon bulbs, LEDs’ cool operating temperature produces luminosity level equivalent to other bulb types while simultaneously keeping power consumption at a minimum. Their exceptionally long lifespan delivers further return on investment by minimizing replacement costs, and the versatility of color options they provide can add special effects for selective showcase highlighting.

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