Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Should We Really Buy Cheap Web Hosting?

I know, by now you are snug and cozy in your own web host's warm fail-proof server with megabytes oozing from every web page.

Right now your probably beaming with confidence because you know that your web host considers any technical glitch appearing on your website, as a personal affront. I am sure also, that you are benefiting from the spaciousness of a 'gig' or two of roomy server space. 

This, you no doubt demanded to accommodate the throngs that are attracted magnetically to your website daily, while you reluctantly allow them to purchase your wares.

Alas, I once knew that same tranquil feeling!

Emphasis here on the past thence, for I recently was required to "trip the Internet fantastic" in search of a new web host.

You see, one day when I discovered that my web forms would no longer perform, I calmly reached for Mr. Bell's gadget to inform the hosting company of my little quandary. After all, I had been a star boarder for over two years and quite naturally was under the silly impression that all my problems would be quickly dispatched, instead I was!

It appears my web host had recently decided that tech service was just too trivial and bothersome to be of importance.

In addition, I had the audacity to relate such an insignificant topic by phone. I guess in some hosting circles answering the telephone is a real no-no.

I was briskly informed I must send in what is called a “Support Ticket.”

A support-ticket I discovered, is an email plea for help that gives you all the confidence of waving a distress flag in an empty room, only mine was not as effective!

Meanwhile, my little predicament was beginning to aggravate visitors, a feat which I must admit is fun at times, but definitely hard on the pocketbook.

So in exasperation, I know you won’t believe it but I do get a little peeved at times, I packed my collection of megabytes and began my quest for another web host, along with a “Gig,” or two of server space.

As I skipped merrily along the super highway via my favorite search engine, it soon became apparent that I could no longer cling to my air of confidence, let alone dreams of frugality.

Have you noticed lately how they have twisted the meaning of that beautiful word ‘cheap!' As a result it’s getting harder and harder for me to maintain my image. And the phrase, ‘Customer Service’ has turned into more of a slogan then a certainty. All too often the term ‘24/7 support’ really means, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

However, even though this eye-opening search had left me “Google-eyezed,” I had to admit that there really are many good web hosts populating the Internet.

Of course, while searching for my new host I had to concentrate on such seemingly mundane things as; Server side includes, Data transfer rate, and that ever popular Secure socket layers.

Boy, I don’t know about you, but I certainly want all my sockets, especially the layers, to be secure.

And, get a load of those ‘cron jobs,’ sounds obscene doesn’t it! Moreover, are you sure Perl isn’t a knitting term.

So my advice is, if you have a good web host wrap your arms around your nearest FTP access and hold on for dear life.

A good web host is money in the bank. So, may I wish you many happy uploads and profitable downloads.

As for me, I’ve found the perfect host from which I’ll never roam, who would - would you! Now it’s blue skies forever. Yet I did hear of one that…

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