Thursday, June 25, 2020

Home Business That Works – for Dummies and Experts

Are you still looking for that great home business opportunity? You probably are since you are reading this article. 

I have to warn you – years may pass and you'll still be looking. 

The internet is moving with the speed of light. Blogs are now the main attraction. So is niche marketing. In a couple of months you'll be looking at a new idea which will be copied and slightly modified from all the big names in the internet marketing.

What do to? Which one to choose? Is that a scam? How can you know?

All those long sales letters promising you automatic money sooner or later. You buy an ebook and read it; think about it for 30 minutes and there is another email saying something about an even better opportunity. 

And the circle continues… 

So there you are, after a long day staring into your monitor for hours, reading and thinking what to do next… "Maybe this will be my chance! Hmm, and how about this! Check this out all this for only $47! Wow." Or maybe not…

When you finally shut down your computer and go to bed you realize that 6 hours have passed and nothing has changed. 

You still don't have a website, you still don't know who to trust and even this last ebook didn't give you the clearest directions. "Those were good ideas, yeah, but man, I don't really know how to do all that."

What you are reading is my story. I'm not a guru, I don't sell 20 ebooks and 6 DVD's and I am not making $3000 a month on automatic.

But what I do know is that I found a company and a system where I feel at peace. I know exactly how to begin my journey on the internet and I'm a happy owner of my first ebook. I have sold 11 copies of it. I also earn some money with Google Adsense.

It's a good start and I am very optimistic. I'm learning and I will not quit. But what I needed from all that mega information on the internet while I was overwhelmed was a <b>beacon</b>. I needed a guide to show me the way.

To explain to me where to start, what this SEO is all about, how to organize my website in a logical structure, what is Pagerank and how it will help me, how to promote my site and build traffic without 10 DVD's that cost $997.

I now feel extremely calm, focused on my goal and my passion and I am not lost anymore in this huge World Wide Web which bombards us with zillion money opportunities.

I am not searching anymore. I am now working with joy and passion. I know where I am going and that's a very fun place, trust me. 

You can start your journey too.

Here's what you need to decide right now: are you still going to search every day for hours and nothing will change except your mood, or are you going to take action and start moving decisively in the direction of your success.

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