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Aker Solutions - We Offer CCUS Technology That Can Reduce CO2 Emissions From Coal and Natural Gas Power Plant by About 90 Percent

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Aker Solutions' cost-efficient carbon capture technology is commercially ready and can be applied on various types of industrial emissions.

We offer key competence via studies and project execution, including technology and products throughout the entire Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) value chain.

Aker Solutions is the only company that offers services, products and solutions throughout the whole CCUS chain, from capture via transport to safe storage.

We have extensive and excellent CCUS track record from the Sleipner CO2 platform delivery up to recent design, delivery and operation of the amine plant at Technology Centre Mongstad, Norway.

Aker Solutions has developed a post combustion technology that can efficiently reduce the CO2 emissions from industrial flue gases. The pure, captured CO2 can be utilized or transported via ship or pipelines for permanent storage in geological structures. The CO2 can also be used for increased oil production from mature fields (Enhanced Oil Recovery, EOR).

Versatile and Cost-Efficient

Our proprietary carbon capture process uses a mixture of water and organic amine solvents to absorb the carbon dioxide. The process can be applied on emissions from various sources such as fossil and bio fuel, cement, urea, steel, aluminum, refineries and waste-to-energy. The process has been qualified for commercial scale application after extensive testing and verifications. Our ACC™ process is offered as a license package including key equipment and proprietary solvents.

Our carbon capture technology offers several advantages. It is cost-efficient, robust and flexible, and can be applied on existing plants or new-built. The process gives high capture rate and low energy consumption. The proprietary solvent is robust and gives easy operations, minimum make-up, corrosion, waste and emissions.

Our Expertise

Mobile Test Unit

Aker Solutions has designed, constructed and continuously operated a Mobile Test Unit (MTU) since 2008. The MTU is a unique, complete carbon capture plant, but in small scale. The unit is container-based for easy transport and hook-up at industrial test sites. The tests results will form the basis for later scale-up to a commercial plant and thereby reducing the risk for our clients. Our MTU has more than 20,000 operating hours at various plants in the US, Scotland and Norway. The test sites includes gas and coal-fired power stations, a cement factory and a waste-to-energy plant.

Flue Gas Treatment

We have a world class expert team specialized on flue gas treatment and handling. This knowledge is essential for the design of gas pre-treatment systems and solvent selection, to ensure optimum performance of the capture plant.

Process Simulator

CO2SIM is our simulator for the carbon capture process. The simulator is verified towards test results of proprietary amine solvents. The simulator predicts performance for commercial scale plants, such as the heat and mass balances.

Amine Reclaiming

Aker Solutions has developed and tested various reclaiming system and will recommend the optimum solutions for our customers. We have also established a dedicated reclaiming test laboratory for liquid samples at IFE, Norway.

Material Selection

Different materials and gaskets for various types of amines have been tested and verified. Our proprietary solvent gives low degradation and reduced corrosion. The cost of materials can therefore be reduced. Our proprietary PP- liner has demonstrated excellent performance for use in concrete absorbers.

CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Injection of CO2 in some mature oil fields will stimulate increased oil production. We develop optimized EOR facilities that maximise oil production from declining assets. Aker Solutions offers subsea templates for CO2 injection on the seabed.

Heat Integration

Our team performs heat integration analyses for different processes. If heat sources are available, the external energy consumption can be reduced drastically.

Emission Control

Our proprietary emission control includes an acid wash system and an anti-mist system, which gives minimum emissions to air. The emission control system has been tested and verified in large scale pilots.

CO2 Dehydration, Compression, Liquefaction and Transport

We perform studies of CO2 dehydration and compression for pipeline transport. Similar studies have been carried out for CO2 liquefaction, storage and off-loading for ship transport.

Equipment Performance

The performance of different key equipment within the carbon capture plant have been tested and verified. Our team will recommend the preferred equipment type and specifications for our clients.

Source: Aker Solutions


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