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Upgrade Coal and Process Waste Into Higher Value Products and Cleaner Energy

Coal is an abundant natural resource with enormous potential to be converted into clean fuel and alternative feedstock for many chemicals. In recent years we have made quantum leaps in the upgrading of coal and processing of waste products from coke ovens into higher value products and cleaner energy. Our solutions not only make it feasible, but also economically attractive, to process these feedstocks directly at source into SNG, gasoline or other high value products rather than transporting them to be processed closer to market. 

Explore the chemical processes we work with in this industry.


Producing ammonia at the lowest cost per ton is a challenge many industries face every day. With almost 80 years of experience in ammonia, our industry-leading solutions ensure reliable and safe operation with the lowest possible energy consumption and the lowest possible emissions. From new plants to revamps, our expert services can help increase capacity, efficiency or even feedstock flexibility, creating the foundation for optimal day-to-day operation and long-term success. 

SynCOR Ammonia™ - a new generation of ammonia plants with an unprecedented economy of scale

Our SynCOR Ammonia™ plant concept offers the ammonia industry an opportunity to produce ammonia in a smarter, safer and more profitable way – with significantly reduced environmental impact. SynCOR Ammonia™ utilizes stand-alone autothermal reforming for the production of syngas instead of conventional tubular reforming. The technology brings significant benefits in large-scale applications, most notably an extremely low steam-to-carbon ratio of 0.6 and potential for single-train capacities exceeding 6,000 MTPD. This enables ammonia and urea producers to gain unprecedented economy of scale that cannot be achieved with conventional technology. You can read more about SynCOR Ammonia ™ here. 

Integrated processes and multiple end products

When market opportunities or challenges call for product diversification, you’d want as a plant owner to be looking at integrated process solutions that can give you the flexibility you need to get ahead and stay there. Diversifying your product mix is an important strategic decision to gain added value, no matter if you are a new or an existing producer.

Plant owners who require flexibility benefit from our integrated process designs that can produce multiple end products. Depending on the quantities and flexibility required, we offer the IMAP™ portfolio of solutions (Integrated Methanol and Ammonia Production) or the SynCOR Plus™ solution. 

Our integrated process solutions enable any facility to produce multiple products without the often prohibitive cost of installing and operating a second plant, and they give you unprecedented agility, protection from market fluctuations and profit-making potential.

Dimethyl ether

Maximizing the economic potential of a dimethyl ether plant requires that all types of methanol can be processed optimally. We enable this for our customers by designing processes and catalysts that can operate with higher activity, selectivity, temperature and feedstock flexibility. Our integrated solutions also enable the production of high purity methanol, which allows customers to adjust production to market demands, ensuring they keep their bottom line healthy in a fluctuating market.


High yield and throughput with maximum uptime and energy efficiency, at a variety of operating conditions, are the keys to profitable formaldehyde production. With over 40 years experience our solutions have proven stability and resistance to day-to-day process variations. In addition, our unique series-reactor design can significantly increase yield and capacity while reducing energy consumption, ensuring our customers can produce more formaldehyde when they need it, more reliably and more profitably.

Gasoline synthesis

Profitable production of high quality, high-value gasoline from natural gas, shale gas, coal, biomass and other feedstocks requires an energy-efficient process with a high utilization of natural resources. Our proven TIGAS™ process, when integrated with our high performance catalysts, is guaranteed to deliver optimal performance. For our customers this means they can convert more low value feedstocks into higher value clean gasoline, using less energy, with minimal environmental impact.


The ability to reliably produce hydrogen from different feedstocks in the most cost-efficient way is essential in many industries. Based on our industry-leading syngas solutions, our hydrogen process can be used to convert different feedstocks, from natural gas to heavy naphtha, into the purest hydrogen possible, with minimum energy consumption and emissions.


High plant availability and energy efficiency and low capital cost are essential for ensuring the best performance in methanol production. Topsoe can based on industry leading tailor made syngas solutions, the most efficient methanol synthesis process, highest activity catalysts and expert services deliver the most efficient production of methanol from a broad range of syngas, including those from coal and shale gas. Ease of operation, reduced downtime and maximum energy efficiency ensure our customers achieve optimal performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.

One Step Methanol uses tubular steam reforming as synthesis gas generator. The optimal capacity range is from 500 up to 2500 MTPD. This can be extended to 3000 MTPD if approximate 25% of the hydrocarbon feed is CO2.

Two Step Methanol is the most commonly used methanol technology today. It uses a combination of tubular steam reforming and oxygen reforming as synthesis gas generator to produce a stoichiometric methanol synthesis gas. The advanced Haldor Topsoe tubular reforming technology provides the lowest CAPEX and OPEX for two step solution on the market. The optimal capacity range is 1000 MTPD up to 5500 MTPD.  

SynCOR Methanol™ is the most cost efficient methanol technology available. The optimal single train capacity is 500 MTPD up to 10.000 MTPD. The highly efficient, fully automated SynCOR™ syngas generator based on oxygen reforming at unique low steam carbon is the core of the process. Together with the most efficient methanol synthesis SynCOR Methanol™ provides the lowest CAPEX and OPEX, high availability and lowest environmental impact in a capacity range from low scale and up to very large scale single train capacity.

Small scale Methanol

Small scale methanol for capacities in the range 100 MTPD to 1000 MTPD take advantage of the knowhow achieved from large scale production in combination with specific small scale solutions.

A recent addition to the Topsoe small-scale methanol portfolio, is a fully modularized concept called MeOH-To-Go™, which has been developed together with a partner (Modular Plant Solutions). It is basically One Step Methanol, where the tubular reformer is replaced by the Haldor Topsoe Convection Reformer, HTCR, which has been used for many years in small scale Hydrogen production.  


Profitable production of high quality, clean substitute natural gas demands the most energy-efficient process possible combined with a high utilization of natural resources. Our proven TREMP™ process, when integrated with our stable high temperature catalysts, is guaranteed to deliver optimal performance. For our customers this means they can produce more, higher quality, cleaner substitute natural gas from the same amount of natural resources, using less energy, while minimizing environmental impact.

Sulfuric acid

Whether you produce sulfuric acid from elemental sulfur or from SO2 regenerate spent sulfuric acid or clean sulfurous gases, we have the optimal solution. Our high activity catalysts provide high conversion, high energy efficiency, low-pressure drop, production stability, as well as an exceptionally long life in any sulfuric acid plant. They ensure that our customers achieve higher production rates, improved heat recovery, fast start-up, optimal energy efficiency and the lowest possible SO2 emissions. Our Wet gas Sulfuric Acid (WSA) technology converts sulfurous gases to commercial-grade sulfuric acid without drying the gas, with a high energy efficiency and very low emissions.

Technical service

Based on experience over more than half a century, Topsoe has established an extensive technical service programme available to our VK catalyst users. In addition to frequent contact, the service programme includes activity testing of catalyst samples, evaluations of catalyst performance, plant optimization, troubleshooting and management of catalyst replacement.

Activity testing of catalyst samples represents a valuable source of information, which combined with data evaluations of the plant performance enables Topsoe to optimize future catalyst management.


High plant availability, energy efficiency, and feedstock flexibility are essential for ensuring the best performance in syngas for GTL and chemical production. Our full range of proven processes, which are always tailored to individual customer requirements, combined with our industry-leading catalysts and reforming designs, have been delivering the highest possible feedstock utilization and lowest energy consumption for decades. Whether building a new plant or operating in an existing facility, our expert services, and continuous technical improvements ensure our customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.


The 10 largest coal producers and exporters in Indonesia:

  1. Bumi Resouces
  2. Adaro Energy
  3. Indo Tambangraya Megah
  4. Bukit Asam
  5. Baramulti Sukses Sarana
  6. Harum Energy
  7. Mitrabara Adiperdana 
  8. Samindo Resources
  9. United Tractors
  10. Berau Coal

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