Monday, December 19, 2016

Saudi Arabia holds the U.S. Treasuries US 116,6 billion

Shocking data is finally open. Saudi Arabia has a bunch of American Government bonds (USA) with a value of US $ 116.8 billion, or approximately Rp 1,541 trillion.

As reported by CNN, Monday (30/5/2016), data was finally opened by the U.s. Treasury, after four decades kept secret.

This amount makes Saudi Arabia became the largest debt holder number 13 from the us Government. Since the 1970s, the U.s. Treasury data secret debts owned by Saudi Arabia.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the country that holds the U.S. debt is the Cayman Island. Low-cost state tax (a tax haven) with a population of less than 60,000 people, has the u.s. Government bonds worth US $ 265 billion, or approximately Rp 3,498 trillion.

Later, Bermuda, a country that is also a tax haven, is recorded to have U.S. bonds worth US $ 63 billion.

Since world oil prices down in mid-2014 and then Saudi Arabia, let go of the foreign exchange reserves of more than $ 130 billion or approximately USD 1,716 trillion, to obtain fresh funds.

The value of u.s. government debt held Saudi Arabia dropped from US $ 123.6 billion in January 2016, to US $ 116.8 billion.

The magnitude of the debt the u.s. Government held the position of Saudi Arabia, make a pretty strong push of the u.s. Government. A source at CNN say, Saudi Arabia threatened to sell cheap all of US government debt, if the U.s. Congress passed a law (ACT) that allows victims of explosions of September 11 (9/11) demanded the Government abroad.

But recently, the U.s. Senate passed this Act, and the u.s. Government's plan to use the veto this LAW.