Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Save Money While Waiting For The Birth Of Your Baby?

In a family, one of the most awaited moment of blissful at once is the birth of the baby. Although the example you've had previous children, the birth of the second child onwards still will always be an extraordinary moment in the history of the family.

As a (prospective) parents, it's only natural if we are to provide the best for the baby. However, is it wise if we spend money and savings in order to welcome the birth of the little one into the world? Well, try check out five strategies easy to save the cost of the impending birth of the baby are the following:

1. Ask the childbirth benefit facility from the office

Some of you may be fortunate to get the facilities of the office of insurance in the form of childbirth or childbirth allowances. Learn and find out if you have a company policy that kind of prestige and not to ask for fear of being branded a ' deficient ' family. Good isn't it if costs can be borne by the office?

2. Don't fall for the prestige

One of the drivers of most parents to shopping is prestige when purchased expensive baby needs or give birth in an expensive hospital. Even if you want the best, do not get a sense of prestige that wins just because it did not want to be referred to as ' deficient ' family. Remember that there is still a lot of things you need to prepare after the birth of the little one, so certainly not wise if you guys already all out front.

3. Do not hesitate with baby gifts from friends and brother

The time leading up to childbirth, perhaps some friends or even the office will give gifts supplies took care of the baby or the various needs such as baby beds cots or baby toys. All good condition, don't receive many gifts for the prestige to the savings.

4. Build an emergency fund just in case

There are times when things happen unpredictably towards the birth of the fruit of the heart. For example, you and your partner had been planning on doing a normal birth but suddenly had to stop being the caesarean section that require greater costs. In need of this emergency fund as early as possible so that you do not hurriedly if emergencies when the birth of the baby really happen.

5. Take advantage of shopping promo

Baby needs preparation when shopping, take a good look when there are promos. While certain moments such as mother's day or the day of the child, some stores may hold a promo discount for goods needs of infants and children.

If you have a credit card, please check whether your credit card issuing bank teamed up with the store or supermarket where you shop. Can take advantage of the promo to be more frugal. Not fair if got some promo as a 20 percent discount?

Eight Smart Tips To Manage Monthly Salary

For you are a worker or employee, when the payday into a moment of the most awaited monthly. When it's time, you will feel proud of what is obtained after hard work for a month. However, after getting a paycheck, what to do with the money?

Just maybe, you've been restrained so as not to purchase a number of items that have been dreaming about for so long. For example, like to buy a new phone, new clothes, or to invite friends to eat at the restaurant.

Whether you want to spend your paycheck just for things that nature is not so important? You're supposed to be wiser in regulating finance today, so that the financial conditions for the future could be more awake. There are still many other needs are more needed.

For that, before deciding to want to spend the salary it brings, it's worth a look at eight tips smart in salary the following.

1. Main priorities

The first thing to note when first received salary, it would be better if made a priority on matters that must be met. Examples include the monthly bills, ranging from electric bills, internet, water, and more.

Also make sure there will not be any more bills that missed. For the next step to do is to pay the debts, because it is certainly more important to be filled. Do not let the debt owned by growing a lot, and will eventually be wrapped around you.

2. Set the spending

Already can not unavoidable, that spending being the top priority which should be getting the attention. Arrange the best possible expenditure, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy results of exertion during work.

Buy goods that are more needed, most importantly should be able to keep your appetite in buying goods that are not so important. Create a budget of the salary received for spending a maximum of 40 percent, it has also been included in expenses to indulge.

3. Financial report

Making financial statements also became important in regulating personal finance. Try to always take note of all the revenue and expenditure as well as daily necessities. For example the need to eat every day, perhaps it is trivial, but with familiarize to take note of the financial report, you will be better able to appreciate any money spent. To facilitate that, save proof of groceries in a container or a place with a record of other expenses.

4. Insurance

This is has been the obligation of you to follow an insurance. Later the existence of insurance will provide more protection against the financial circumstances in the future. Of course you'll never know what will happen in the future, there is generally some type of insurance existing in Indonesia, the most important must-have is the life insurance, health, home, and also a vehicle.

5. Investment

The investment is one of the ways to further improve the earnings received. At least you are trying to set aside 30 percent of income to invest.

If your salary is great, try to make an investment in the form of stocks or property. But must also learn to continue to oversee the investment. Conversely, if the salary is quite small, owned the investment in the form of mutual funds do, gold, or deposits.

6. Saving

Saving is one of liability to do in regulating finance. There are many benefits that can be felt in terms of saving, in the old days later surely you crave the quiet life while enjoying living with beloved family.

We recommend that from now on, specify the target age of financially free, the more money that had accumulated in a savings account, then the quicker in reaching financially free.

7. Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund will serve as an intermediary that facilitates You in when there are things that are unexpected. For example when there are family members who are sick or having an accident accident. You can use those funds to be used as treatment, set aside a Fund of at least 10 percent of the salary earned as a reserve fund.

8. Set aside for charity

Many alternative ways that could be made to work, one way with the pursuit to set aside 2.5 per cent of the monthly salary. Doing this kind of thing regularly each month, with the charity also indirectly you will help lighten the load loads of people who are experiencing difficulties.

In addition, you will also understand how the meaning of a struggle, so that later on you will be better able to appreciate the income received.

Critical illness insurance, should you buy it?

Recently, critical illness insurance or critical illness life insurance company offered aggressively. This product provides reassurance to the insured who suffered from critical illness is free from the risk of financial.

Not only provides protection of critical illness, the insurance company also provides an additional benefit over critical illness product being offered. For example, refund if no claims occur for several years. Then, can include family members as insured.

There are three life insurance companies that not long ago produced a product critical illness. Take for example, PT AXA Financial Indonesia offers critical illness insurance Maestro Complete CI Cover and Maestro Juvenile CI for critical illnessnya. Then, PT Asuransi Cigna Indonesia (Cigna) with Family Proteksi Optima. Both of these life insurance companies provide protection over 10 critical illness.

Lastly, PT Central Asia Financial or Jagadiri insurance via Jaga Sehat Keluarga product protects not only one insured but can five people in the family. This product claims to protect the whole disease, even HIV/AIDS disease.

But whether this insurance product must be owned?

Freddy Pieloor, a financial planner from Money n Love Planning & Consultinge said, should considered again if you want to buy this insurance product. In addition to not important needs, critical illness insurance product is also judged redundant. He compares the product with the presence of BPJS Kesehatan.

"If there is now providing health BPJS complete protection for all diseases. What need extra insurance? "said Freddy.

If it wants to have a product that protects some critical illness. Freddy suggested, better choose to enlarge the health insurance premium has been previously owned, instead of buying new products. Or, increase BPJS Kesehatan level.

Freddy also reminded not to fall asleep with critical illness insurance sales gimick that it can be refund if no claim. And include family members.

The customer must carefully calculate the premium and claims are accepted. Including the conditions of disbursement claims, whether a new claim can be done after diagnosed a severe illness or  gradually claim.

Five reasons to prepare retired at a young age

Not many people realize the importance of having a productive age in retirement planning. One cause, they think that retirement is still too far away to think about at this time.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people in the productive age even more interested in allocating the money they have to other things, such as a vacation, home mortgage, buying an apartment, or buying a car. Whereas, President of Sun Life Financial Indonesia Elin Waty, said, it is important to plan for pension funds in their productive. In fact, planning retirement funds need to immediately do as you just started working.

At least, there are five reasons the need for retirement planning at age of productive

1. The time continues to run and the age of the increasingly aging

You can't 100% rely on others to sustain your life in old age. This should be fully aware of. If you keep postponing financial planning, time goes on. Well, when you get older, the chance you have to plan for pension funds will be increasingly short and heavy.

2. The inflation rate higher

Rising inflation is a fact that we cannot avoid. The more you plan early retirement funds, you will be more easily with the inflation rate continues to climb.

3. Do not rely on the child

You certainly have heard the old advice said many children much sustenance. If you have many children, your load to bear the old age is perhaps more lightly. However, most parents today have only two children. You certainly don't want your children bear the costs that are required when you are old and retired. Therefore, it is important to become an independent prospective parents in terms of finance in the quarter because of already having enough retirement funds provision.

4. The increasingly tight global competition

Many people forget about the importance of retirement planning since young. As a result, when the age of growing dusk, they decided to continue to work to pursue the needs of pension funds. Can not be denied, while the age of aging and increasingly limited employment opportunities, lots of high-quality young talents out there. If we are not able to compete, the worst possible is our position in the company can be replaced by others. Ultimately, we suffer because it did not have a chance again to collect pensions.

5. Repayments still affordable

The crowd of the city with their hustle and bustle often made you fall asleep to ignore financial planning, including retirement planning. As a result, the plan was just being discourse never materialized. In fact, the sooner you plan for pension funds, the funds that you have to pay every month is getting lighter when compared to your new plan pension funds, for example, at the age of 40.

To prevent a variety of bad things happening in preparation for retirement, Elin said, it's important for anyone to have a guiding partner in making retirement planning. "In principle, the preparation we did early funds retirement, increasingly lighter installments that we pay," he said.