Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What a dog and your marriage have in common?

Picture or imagine a person you know who is impossible to love. 

Maybe they are emotionally closed to everyone. Maybe they are abrasive, rough and push others away. Maybe they are sullen and closed off. Maybe they are just plain mean, bitter and resentful and hate the world.

Now, imagine that person with their pet.

Notice the difference.

Or, has your partner walked through the door irritable and barely gives you a glance, let alone a word? And yet, when greeted by your pet s/he starts cooing, smiling and begins to carry on a conversation with that dog, cat or bird!

Animals (non humans) find it easy to flow into an easy rhythm of loving.

I have a boat dock 20 feet from my back door and every year we have a mama and papa swan that hatch and raise their young ones. They seem to instinctively “love’ each other, swimming in sync, ready to help and be there for each other.

Why do we as humans continue to have a 50% divorce rate and 9 out of 10 report being unhappy in their relationship?

We are obviously not doing something right.

Love shouldn’t be so difficult!

And, it truly isn’t, if….you follow the three simple put profoundly powerful natural Love Laws that I discovered in my clinical work over the past 25 years.

Ever since the middle 90s, when I become disillusioned with the future of marital counseling while serving on the State Board for Marriage and Family Therapy, I’ve experimented with helping couples use 3 Love Laws.

The three Love Laws result in EASY LOVE.

Orient your lives around the Love Laws and LOVE is EASY!

What goes through your mind when you think of EASY LOVE?

What would your life be like if love just happened; if you didn’t have to worry about whether s/he would or would not?

EASY LOVE contrasts with “Forced” or “Difficult” love where you feel like you must force love.

Tom and Kristi were referred to me by another therapist who violated the Love Laws and tried to “Force” love upon Kristi and Tom.

They walked into my office emotionally drained and hesitantly told me what they were doing to “make” each other feel better. I could hear and feel the tension in every word they spoke as they obediently tried to force something that wasn’t there.

My ‘intervention’ eradicated their tension of forcing (tension is THE major result of breaking the Love Laws.)

The next week they breezed into my office a free and happy couple. Love was natural and EASY.

I specifically remember Bill and Joan, with whom I taught some of the 8 keys to EASY LOVE.

One week they sat down in my office with these shit eating grins.

I said, “what is this all about?’

Joan sheepish replied, well, the last time we left your office; we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We stopped at the nearest hotel and had the best sex of our married life.”

Bill nodded in agreement.

You see, LOVE is not only EASY, but once you embrace the Love Laws of EASY LOVE and stop trying to ‘force’ love, a reservoir of pent up loving, warm, passionate and free feelings are let loose. Sometimes they explode.

Here’s what you experience with EASY LOVE

You look into the eyes of your other and feel the warmth of that connection; feel your skin tingle as you, at that precise moment it resonates deep within you that you are cherished and desired.

You breathe deeply and feel the tension evaporate in the presence of your other.

You feel incredibly safe. It’s as if you are at ‘home’ and nothing in this world can interfere or destroy.

You feel profound pleasure; your heart sings anticipating the next surprise – delighting in each other.

It is firmly rooted in your very being that the two of you can handle and overcome whatever happens. You are an unbeatable team.

You relish moments of intimacy; feel the touch; feel your heart vibrate with anticipation and passion.

You feel ALIVE! You feel YOU! You TRUST the wonderful moments.

Maybe you’ve experienced this for a short time only to have it ripped from your hands...

Maybe you wonder how to get it back

Maybe you’ve never experienced EASY LOVE, but long for it

Maybe have it now and want to keep it

 I will show you how to get it and hold it, forever.

EASY LOVE is truly easy. EASY LOVE is truly attainable.

YOU can have it.

YOU can feel it.

You can enjoy every minute of it.

The Love Laws that result in EASY LOVE are not complicated. You probably will say to yourself, “Why don’t others get this?”

WARNING: But, here’s a word of caution: So much of the world violates the Love Laws and screams at you to Force love.

You have been programmed to Force love.

The tentacles of “forced love” reach so deeply and have for your entire life that “forcing love” and living in dread of losing that love becomes a nasty scar of pain and anxiety that may heal slowly.

EASY LOVE will take you out of that world.

EASY LOVE will require some shifts, as you come to embrace and live out the Love Laws.

Please know you are not the first kid on the block here.

I’ve worked with thousands in the past 25 years learning what works, and how best to make those shifts.

I will be with you every step of the way.

(I outline 3 progressive levels for you.)

Click on this below link to learn more about the 3 Love Laws and how to infuse you and your loved one with EASY LOVE.

P.S. Please know that EASY LOVE works especially well in a relationship where one pursues and the other distances. It is gender friendly as well.

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