Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How you can take your web sites to the top of Google?

Magic Submitter The name of the game in Google is new quality content that people want to read. This content has to be properly distributed. Finally, the online community has to "vote" for the content, which is done through backlinking.

If you post an article on your blog and Google sees that 100 unique people link to your post; for example, they post on their blog something about your post and add a link to your post, then you are more likely to rank higher than a post with one or two backlinks.

The power of Magic Submitter is it will do all the posting you could ever want in a way that perfect mimics real human behaviour - on autopilot.

Here's what you have to do if you wanted to do everything Magic Submitter does manually:

1) Create 100's of account
2) Solve the Captchas
3) Verify the accounts
4) Spin your articles and posts. Make each piece of content 90% unique.
5) Submit each piece of content
6) Do it all at random times
7) Organize all the links
8) Write up reports (for yourself or your clients)

Oh, did I mention you would have to find blogs, article directories, social media sites, video sites (Yes! Magic Submitter submits videos), Forums, Micro Blogs, PDF sites (Yes! It submits PDF's), Press Release sites, Wordpress blogs, Bookmarking sites and more added each week.

All in all, you and a team of ten people couldn't keep up to Magic Submitter.

“This software has helped me get my clients ranked and their phone rings a hundred times a week! The training on Magic Submitter is EXCELLENT”  ~ Donnell Lowery

Now Magic Submitter is very easy to use, but as you can imagine with everything it does, everything Google looks for to prevent spam listings and all the changes the sites you want to submit to make, there is a lot to it.

The people behind Magic Submitter run bi-monthly coaching sessions on how to use Magic Submitter so that you get the most out of it. These trainings are live so you can ask any question you want. The trainings are archived so if you start tomorrow, there are videos covering all aspects of how to use Magic Submitter to receive the biggest bag for your dollar.

Go to here to learn more about how you can take your web sites to the top of Google.

P.S. Did I mention it is only $4.95 for the first month? There's no excuse. Try it, see it send 1000′s of backlinks to your websites. If it doesn’t help you dominate your market online, then return it for a full refund.

But we know if you use Magic Submitter as we train you to for a full month, you'll never use anything else to achieve your ranking goals. It's that good!

“I’ve been using Magic Submitter for 2 years and it’s saved me 100′s of hours. It gives me the results that no other tool has been able to accomplish.”  ~ Braxton Ponder – Marketing Expert
Magic Submitter
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