Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to make a difficult relationship easy?


If you are like most who have been…

    Or worse…

You know one thing.

Loving and being loved is difficult and painful.

You’ve tried.

You’ve given your relationship more than a fair shake.

You’ve listened to the experts. You’ve done your downright best to make a good relationship happen. You’ve lost sleep, you’ve read, you’ve thought over and over what it would take to make it better.

But…your efforts fall on a cold relationship and the temperature gets colder by the week or month.

You never seem to get over the hump. And, if it seems that you do, you shortly fall back into that coldness.

There is an easier way!

I want to introduce you to Dr. Bob Huizenga who offers you the 3 EASY LOVE Laws.

He will help you discover the reasons why loving and being loved is so painful and where that pain comes from (and, NO, it has nothing to do with YOU.)

He will introduce you to the 3 EASY LOVE Laws that break through, forever, the cycles of relationship pain and distance.


P.S. Dr. Huizenga saw the beginning of the demise of the effectiveness of relationship help in the 90s when he served on the State Board for Marriage and Family Therapy. Since that time he’s devoted his research and work to provide alternatives.

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