Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Build Up Your Google Pagerank?

The fourth rule of pagerank states that a link will only pass on the full wham of its pagerank once it's been in place for a while. Links come and go, you might be in favor one week and then old news the next week, but links that have been around for a long time indicate enduring value and stronger relationships, so they're more valuable and will help your pagerank more.

  * Note: These "rules", as I put them, are anything but. They're just assumptions based on observations.

Taking all these things into consideration, it's relatively easy to develop a strategy for building your pagerank.

- Write articles and submit them to article sites with the proviso that people using the articles include your author's "resource box" containing a link to your site. Be careful that articles you submit are at least 25% different from articles on your website. When a search engine sees two identical sites, it will give the most credit (pagerank, search engine ranking) to the one it sees first -- that can be a bit of a gamble.   

- Become an authority on a subject, or create a valuable site that people will naturally recommend to others.   
- Pay someone to find links for you. Elancers (for instance) typically charge per hour or per qualified link for this service. 

- Submit to search directories. 

- And so on, and so forth. 

But the real question is: Does pagerank actually do anything? Or do we just get in a big flap about it because it's the most obvious thing we can actually measure when it comes to SEO?

While Google are adamant that Pagerank still forms the basis for all their web search tools, it's a smaller piece of the picture than many people realize. 

It's important to remember that your aim is to have your website rise in the search engine listings for your particular keywords. Got that? Tattoo it on your forehead in reverse script so you see it when you look in the mirror. 

Then go back to your elementary SEO and you'll see that to help your website rise in the rankings you need to do the following things:

-  Ensure you're building relevant link relationships with appropriate sites 

-  Ensure that people linking to your site are using appropriate keywords in their link text 

-  Ensure that your site is suitably optimized for your keywords 

So where does PR fit into this? PR is largely a reflection of the first task on that list. When you have a high PR it means you have some good links coming your way.

If they're the right kind of links then they (and your PR) might help you in your search engine rankings, but it's just one part of the picture. 

Google has many other considerations when it figures out your ranking, and you shouldn't focus on your Pagerank at the expense of these other things.

Where PR is useful is as leverage for building new link relationships. People will be much more willing to swap links with a PR6 site than a PR1 site, because that will benefit their PR as well. 

Since they value your association, your link partners will also be more willing to do as you ask, for example: link using certain text, or link from certain pages. So a high PR can turn into high search engine rankings, but indirectly.

It helps you to get good links from good sites. If you're just about collecting the little green pixels and you don't pay attention to the quality and relevancy of these links, however, they're not going to help you VERY much.

And at end of the day, you don't really need PR for getting good links either. Particularly if you're very charming, or your site is particularly good. 

If you're providing an excellent resource, or you have a service, gimmick, tool or widget that people love, you're going to find yourself attracting links and building that PR regardless.

The main point I'm trying to make is that PR is only one piece in a much more complicated picture, and it's certainly not the be all and end all for your search engine rankings. 

Testament to this fact is that it's by no means uncommon to see sites with low PR beating high PR sites in the search engines. What is important is that you take a whole-picture approach to your search engine optimization, and view PR as simply a reflection of the strength of the links to your site.

If you focus on the rest of your SEO strategy, then your PR should fall nicely into place as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The true story of how the MOBE affiliate program started

Way back in 2011, in a small office I’d rented out in Perth, Australia, I had an idea.

At that stage I’d created my first few information products.  All were priced under $300, and taught basic things like email marketing, outsourcing, and affiliate marketing.

Each one was selling reasonably well (I was doing maybe 5-10k a month)

For a long time, I’d been considering creating my own affiliate program so others could promote my products, and get paid.  Plus I'd be able to grow the company much faster.

Finally I decided to stop thinking about it, and just get it done. 

I used infusionsoft as my first affiliate program and got it launched.  It wasn't pretty, but it did the job.

The first thing I needed to do for it to work, was get some affiliates!

So I started to promote the affiliate program - encouraging people to join, get their affiliate links, and start promoting.

It's not easy to do when you have no success stories, so things started off slow.  No one ever wants to the be the first to try something out - they want to see proof it has worked for other people.

After a few months, I'd got over 100 affiliates on board, and remember being very disappointed that not a single one of them was promoting seriously.  At one point I wondered whether it was even worth the effort, and thought about cancelling the whole thing.

In a last minute effort to get them to promote, I decided to host my first affiliate contest. 

I looked around at what other affiliate program owners were giving away - some would offer
tens of thousands of dollars in cash, others would even offer a car if they were doing a major launch!

At the time there was no way I could afford to do that, plus it wouldn't have been worth it with so few affiliates.

So I decided to offer a single iPad instead, which would cost me $500, to whoever could get the most sales in a week.

Well, it worked.  My very small affiliate base started to take notice and promote MOBE products.

From that point on, I’d see an order come in every few days.

And each time, I’d personally message the affiliate who made the sale on Facebook, and congratulate them for making a commission. 

And I’d ask every single one of them for a testimonial I could put on the affiliate sign up page, to get even more affiliates on board.

Before I knew it, I had over 1,000 affiliates.

And it was at this point that the odd ‘super affiliates’ began to surface.

These were people who’d been at marketing for years, had built huge audiences, and who with one single email could bring in dozens of sales.  The really big ones, literally hundreds of sales!

I started offering bigger and bigger prizes in the contests. 

In 2013, I decided to raise the stakes.

I walked down to the bank and told them I wanted to take out $50,000 in cash! (they almost would not let me).

I’d decided to give it away as prize money in a huge affiliate contest.

In fact the video is still up on Youtube to this day - you can see it here:

Fast forward to today, and the MOBE affiliate program has grown to be one of the most successful in the industry.

We’ve paid out over $35 million in commissions so far, and have some amazing momentum behind us.

In fact, over 8,000 people around the world have earned a commission with MOBE.

It's the same affiliate program you can access after you complete these 21 steps HERE.

Anyway, I largely need to thank our top affiliates for everything as they have accounted for the majority of all sales.

In particular, I want to thank and congratulate a small group of guys operating under the name of ‘Redshift Digital Marketing.’

As of today, they’ve done over $5.4m making them the highest earning affiliates of all time for MOBE.   Their goal is to get to $10m by the end of this year.

Their numbers have been incredible from day one. 

They crossed 1m in less than 8 months if I’m recalling correctly.

The interesting thing is they almost did not get started with MOBE.

We were going back and forth for more than a month.

In fact, I still remember New Years eve in 2014, being at my desk talking to one of them on Skype about them getting started with MOBE.

I missed the countdown and the fireworks (and my guest that night was not too happy with me!) - but I knew this was a business deal I just had to do.

They started a few weeks later... and the rest is history.

By the way - a couple weeks back I got a vicious message from a guy on Facebook, saying that I “parade around the top earners in MOBE as if everyone out there can duplicate their results” - and he said it was very misleading of me to do so.

I want to make one thing clear; I have never claimed that the average person in MOBE will achieve what our top affiliates do.

They won’t.

I think we all know that. 

The average affiliate in our industry will never come close to making over 5.4 million dollars in 2 years with any program (including MOBE).

BUT… I do like to share these success stories from time to time, because every single one of these super affiliates started off like YOU.

At one point, they were still trying to get their first commission - or trying to get something semi-consistent commissions coming in.

Back when I was new to the business in late 2008, these were the kind of stories that kept me motivated. 

I had a dream that one day I too could be like these super affiliates and never have to worry about money again.

Anyway, back to the story.

One of the main founders of Redshift is a guy called Darren Salkeld.

Darren is going to be one of the main speakers at the upcoming Super Charge Summit affiliate training event, August 14th - 16th.

It’s being held in Las Vegas, at the Palms Resort and Casino.

We have 135 tickets sold so far, and a conference room that will accommodate a maximum of 200 people.  Unfortunately there will be no live streaming of this training.

I’ve asked Darren (who is also a Diamond member of course) to teach his main methods of promoting MOBE - and just how his team is able to do such high volume.

A routine week for these guys is over 100k in commissions!  So they really have their systems dialed in.

That’s not 100k in profit of course - they invest serious dollars in traffic.

But they still do pretty well out of it ; )

If you could implement a few strategies Darren uses and get even 1% of their results, then whatever you invest to get to the Super Charge Summit would be worth it.

If you’re serious about doing well in the MOBE affiliate program (or, if you want to get started and get the right training from the beginning) - then you owe it to yourself to get this training.

Also, most of the training will be done by yours truly, so if you attend come say hi.

I hope to see you there.

Stupid questions entrepreneurs ask every day

Ever heard the advice, "There's no such thing as a stupid question"

I'm not so sure about that.

One of the greatest mistakes entrepreneurs make is asking questions that have already been answered.

They ask questions like,
  • "What product should I sell?"
  • "What should my website look like to maximize sales conversions?"
  • "What's the best way to ship products?" 
  • "How should I handle customer service and administration?"
These are not questions that deserve long study or deep thought.

They are questions that have been largely answered already.

What product should you sell? Well, the only real answer to that question in today's online marketing reality is, "Expensive, high-profit products".

What should my website look like to maximize sales conversions? Again, this question has been answered by the top online marketers. There's a reason you see very similar designs being used they've been proven to work.

What's the best way to ship products? The best answer to this question is "Don't!" Sell events, sell digital products, or sell for someone else who will do the shipping.

How should I handle customer service and administration? The best answer is "by outsourcing it".

Either sell for someone who will handle all that for you or hire low-cost virtual assistants to handle it for you.

MTTB sells high-priced, high profit products for which they pay commissions of $1250, $3300 and $5500.
We've already developed a high-converting sales funnel. You don't need to build websites.

And we do all the shipping, administration and customers service for you, heck, we even have a highly-skilled phone sales team to sell for you!

Spend your time asking questions that don't already have answers, those are the riddles that, when you solve them, will pay HUGE dividends.

Are you wasting time asking questions that have already been answered?

Get all the answers here.

When I say ?get ranked?, you say ?yeah right?

To many folks, getting ranked in Google seems like some impossible feat.  They believe they have a better chance of seeing a cow fly then they will getting a first page ranking in Google.

Some people just don’t believe it is real.

Be honest Rudy, do you fall into this category?

If so, we need to have a little chat and I want to prove to you how YOU, yes YOU, can get 1st page rankings in Google and will be able to do so in the next couple of weeks here if you are willing to do a few things.


OK, cool.

First off, it is not rocket science.  People get so wrapped up into what Google thinks and how Google’s internal “ranking brain” is thinking at any given moment, but in actuality it really does come down to one thing.

Reader Quality.

If you can create content that a “reader” would enjoy, then you are going to get ranked.  It doesn’t matter what Google thinks because this is the content they are “chasing” after and this is the content that they boost in rankings every time the do a Google Panda or Penguin update.

What are the websites that Google doesn’t like?

The sites that are doing things to try to trick them into thinking their content is quality.  Backlinks, spinning, guest blogging, dupe content, PLR....there are lots of things that people are doing that adversely affect their rankings because it simply is not natural.

If you are doing these things, please stop.  You have been ill advised in the past and you are heading in the wrong direction.

The FOUR things you need to get RANKED!

There are 4 things that I am going to emphasize here that will lead you to ALL the rankings you want.

(1) Domains. 

A domain will improve your search rankings, in particular if you have a .com or a .org domain.  I don’t recommend buying a domain that are not one of those (.com’s are the best).

You get unlimited domain hosting with a Premium membership on our state of the art hosting platform.  This also includes website monitoring, 24/7 website support, and unlimited access to our one-click install website builder. 

(2) Understand Keywords & SEO. 

Plain and simple.  If you understand how to find low competition keywords within your respective niche, you will open the door to unlimited traffic.  Finding low competition keywords is like clockwork when you know what you are doing and this is what you learn within the training at WA.

You get access to an entire Keyword/Niche Research classroom within premium and unlimited access to the WA keyword tool. There is also an amazing amount of SEO training within WA Premium, 100’s of tutorials and hours of live video classes.  You want to be an expert at this stuff, WA Premium is your place to be.

(3) Create a bit of content.

Content is King, right?  Wrong.  This statement has become all too cliche in the industry these days.  Creating a successful business does not require you to be a writer or an author, it requires to you be able to create QUALITY content.   Content that focuses on engaging the reader.  The reader is the one that will earn you revenue (and they need to trust you first), never lose site of this.

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to quickly become a content expert.  There is a good deal of video and live class training on the subject along with MANY content marketing experts within the community.  In fact, there is an entire classroom “Authoring & Writing Content” available to Premium members with over 70 training modules. :)

(4) Time.

If you have ever heard about my path to success, you will realize that it didn’t happen in a week, a month...not even in a few months.  It took me 2 months working at this before I made my first dime.  That is normal and that is the process of getting your business up and running.

If you don’t have the time to become successful, then it simply won’t happen.  What I can tell you is that at Wealthy Affiliate, we have the time and patience to help you reach any level of success that you want in terms of rankings, traffic, and conversions.

That is part of the reason I stepped in and created the Affiliate Bootcamp (all phases available to Premium members), to show you exactly HOW I create success online.  In the phased training, I start a website completely from scratch and within 4 months and some part time work, I create a full time business with a website that gets over 1,300 clicks per day (for free) by getting ranked and indexed in Google.

You get to look over my shoulder and see exactly how to rank, how to climb up the ranks in Google, and how to get Google to ABSOLUTELY love your website.  :)

So I guess I want to leave you today by saying that YOU, yes YOU, have everything you need to get all the rankings you want within Google with a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  You will have a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry by being a member or the thriving community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Don't be a person that fear to fail!

Before you know how to succeed you are first going to learn how to fail. If you are like almost everyone in this world (actually everyone), you have failed at some point in your life.

But people fear failure and people get stuck into the trap of failing and then quickly shifting to something new.

Fail at something...quick...move on.
Fail at something...quick...move on.

What really happens here is that you never become good at something.  Instead, you end up feeling like you are in a constant cycle of failure with no tangible success to draw from.

You ever wonder why YOU are not able to achieve that success that everyone else seems to be achieving?

I can tell you why.

You fear not the actual success, but the journey to get there.  You have lost your ambition that you grew up with as a child.

Never once did you think that you wouldn’t be able to walk.  You didn’t give up.  You are not still crawling are you?

You bumped your head.  You fell on your butt.  BUT, you got up.

You learned how to ride a bike although it was tough, and you likely got a lot of scrapes along the way.   You scraped your knee.  BUT, you got up and kept going.

Now, what if I could somehow transpose you back into this mindset that you need to fall in order to be able to walk?  And that you need to trip in order to be able to run?

Well that is the exact environment within Wealthy Affiliate Premium we set out to create.  To not only embrace failure (because it leads to much bigger success), but to have training that ensures more success and support systems that are there if you ever feel stuck.

We offer an elaborate set of training which shows you how to walk and run within the online business world. order to create a business you need to take action.

Yes, you will fail on occasion.  Yes, this is OK.  I have been at this 11 years, and I still fail all the time and it doesn’t bother me knowing that one day I will be able to accomplish what I failed at with great proficiency.

So today, as funny as it sounds I want to encourage your to “embrace” failing once in awhile.  It is OK.   Your failures will lead to MUCH greater success and your involvement within Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you reach any level of success that you want.

And if you have not already taken us up on our $19 per month offer, you should definitely consider it.  The sooner you can start your path to success, the sooner you will get there.

Access Premium for $19 Here!

Last thing...

Before I leave you today, I want you to read the following discussion.  It is very relevant to today’s “theme”.  It discusses jumping around from opportunity to opportunity within the online world hoping to eventually strike it rich.  It also discusses the SHINY objects that seem to pop up everyday online.

Wanna Go Local?

Today I have a story that I wanted to share with you that is going to put a BIG opportunity into perspective for you.  So if you have a few minutes, hear me out.

The other day I was down at a local coffee shop which I go to when I need to get a little time away from the “regular” home office.  Sometimes it is nice to immerse yourself into a new space to get some writing done or to do some reading.  

Anyways, this particular coffee shop (called Serious Coffee) has become an incubator for local marketing sharks. 

By this I mean, people recruiting small local businesses and offering them help within the online marketing world (which they all need).  This has been a massive opportunity for quite some time and one that many of our Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate are doing full-time.

I know YOU are always on the lookout for new opportunities and today I want to inform you of a billion dollar one, and one you can tap into with the training and tools you have at Wealthy Affiliate.

First, let’s get down to what the business opportunity is.  Currently there are 29.6 MILLION companies in the US alone, most of which are lacking some SERIOUS knowledge.

Knowledge in _______.

Any guess?


That is correct.  At best, most local offline business have very elementary knowledge of the online business world and how to get more exposure to their business.  

You may not have this knowledge...YET, but that is what I want to help you out with.  At Wealthy Affiliate we have an unbelievable amount of training that will help you get your own local marketing business up and running.  This training will also allow you to help millions of business that that are willing to pay a pretty penny for online marketing consulting!

In fact, we have an entire classroom dedicated to teaching Premium members how to become local marketers and how to be very successful doing so.

Local Marketing Classroom (MUST BE PREMIUM TO ACCESS)

Want to get an idea of what some of the training is going to look like?

Here are some of the training modules that you will get access to when you become Premium.
  • Local Client Acquisition by NOT Selling (1 Hour Video!)
  • Creating a Local Domain Business
  • Keyword Research Techniques for Local SEO Firms
  • Local Ranking Blueprint (1 Hour Class!)
  • Starting a Local Mobile Marketing Company
  • Citations for Local Marketing Rankings
  • Live Local Case Study - From Research to Local Rank
  • Local Marketing - 8 Ways to Find Local Clients

And there are a load of AWESOME highly interactive discussions taking place as we speak...
  • How is the best way to  find local clients?
  • Local Marketing proposal letter.
  • Local marketing business planning
  • joomla for local clients
  • local case study
  • Have a client with the Wrong map pin info?
  • extensions
  • beating local listings

AND this only gets better.

This is ONLY a small sample of the training offered within the local marketing classroom AND you have access to 11 other classrooms (each covering a different aspect of online business) as a Premium member.

It get’s better.

How much would you expect to pay for this training elsewhere?  I know of local training events that are charging $5,000 and offering MUCH less training and are selling out.  

But for you, you get access to all of this training for $19.  

That is right, our Premium membership is free of any upsells and you get access to EVERYTHING within WA, including all of the local training, video classes and expert help. :)

If you are interested in becoming an expert within the online world and creating your very own local marketing business, I highly suggest that you get started with this training today.  A Premium membership unlocks the entire community.

Determining where your site ranks in Google

You create a new page or post on your website, publish what?  How do you determine where your website is ranked?

This is easier than you think.

Today I am going to show you how you can get "one click" access to see where your website is ranked in Google under ANY keyword.  Having this knowledge is going to be pure gold to your business!

This can be done with Jaaxy SiteRank, a feature exclusive to members of  This feature allows you to quickly determine where your website is ranked under exact search terms.

Here is how it works...

You simply enter a keyword and the URL of your website.  This could be anything.

Then Jaaxy SiteRank will go off and find the following details for you:

(1) What Page in Google You Are On (example. Page 5)
(2) Your Exact Position (example. Position 42 overall)

And it will even highlight your search result for you and show you YOUR listing and the surrounding listings in Google.

For example, I just did a search for the following terms on the domain.

Here is what I quickly came up with.

"how to quit your job", position #33, page #4 in Google
"creating custom video sign-up pages", position #3, page 1 in Google
"jaaxy enterprise", position #8, page #1 in Google
"keyword research records", position #4, page #1 in Google

This literally took me a minute to research and come up with this ranking information.

As you can see, WA gets great rankings.  You would use this tool with your very own website and it will give you insight into where you are ranked (or if you are ranked).

Knowing WHERE you rank and HOW to rank is KEY to success!

If you understand website rankings, you will be MUCH more successful online.  If you know where you get ranked, you can gauge the success of particular strategies and techniques you implement.

You will be able to determine how your website rankings get impacted by...

(1) Different types of writing styles
(2) Different keyword densities
(3) Use of images or without images
(4) Product Reviews
(5) Low Competition vs. Higher Competition keywords
(6) Local marketing keywords
(7) Video rankings vs. text based rankings
(8) Short content vs. longer content
(9) Broader keywords vs. long tail keywords

This will give you a clear picture how to quickly rank and how to quickly scale your campaigns for success.

And about your competitions rankings?

Want to find out what keywords your competition is ranking under?

You can easily do this with SiteRank.  You can find out where any website is ranked, not just yours!

You can get access to this tool within your Jaaxy account.  If you have not already created your free account, DO SO NOW!! Please, for the sake of your business lol.

Can't Afford to Go Premium, $19 per month?

When you are starting a business you typically expect to pay money to get your business up and running online.  For some businesses these costs can be very high ($10,000’s), but for an Internet business they are very low ($100’s).

In fact, you can start a business for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate via our Starter membership and if you want the FULL productivity package (WA Premium), you can get started for as low as $19 for your first month ($47 per month afterwards).

$19 per month for a business!

Does that not seem crazy, considering you will get absolutely everything you need? The training.  The tools.  The support.  The websites...

But even at this, I still get people coming to me every day saying, “Kyle, I really can’t afford to get going online!”

But why?

Do you not have $1 per day you could put towards your own business?  Could you stop spending $50 per month on STUFF for the sake of your personal success?

Seriously, the same people that say this sort of thing are buying a coffee on their way to work every morning.  Drinking a bottle of wine every Friday evening.  Eating out twice per week...

But they can’t afford to invest in themselves and their businesses.

There is a reason why we have kept WA so affordable and why we have not changed our pirce in 8 years.  Because we want YOU to succeed and we want to give you access to the top training platform and tools in the world (for creating a business) for the lowest price possible.

There is no product or service in the world that comes CLOSE to offering what WA offers and Carson and I both stand behind this statement.

Get Access to WA Premium for $19!

Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate Premium will give you the competitive advantage over EVERYONE else, including companies with big budgets online.  You are getting the best of the best!

So, you ultimately have a few choices.

You can..

(1) Go at this by yourself, or worse, buy into another “scheme” online
(2) Become a Premium member and get everything you need all in one place!

You can’t afford not to become a Premium member.

Get Access to WA Premium for $19!

And if you “still” don’t think you can afford to go Premium at WA, I want you to check out this post within the community by Eddy.

Finding awesome keyword gems

Yesterday I was in a live chat at Wealthy Affiliate and someone was asking for help with their keyword research.  Their niche happened to be one that I hadn’t a clue about, the “dress” niche. lol.

However, I don’t need to be an expert within a niche to quickly rip it apart and find awesome keyword gems.  The reason?

I have at my disposal.

Did you register for your free account yesterday?  If not I do suggest you do right now as you will be needing it for this training.

==> Set-up your Jaaxy account here

Jaaxy is the only keyword tool you will EVER need, but I do warn you that it is highly addictive (in particular if you are an Enterprise user

Now, here is what I did with my keyword research for “dresses”, something by the way I know very little about lol.

I typed “dresses” in Jaaxy.  Very broad and we won’t want to try to get ranked under this term (as it is far too competitive), but this is our starting point for our research.

Here are the results I got from this search:

dresses  (too competitive)
dress barn - 209 competition
dress up games - (too competitive)
prom dresses - (too competitive)
dress up - (too competitive)
party dresses -(too competitive)
dresses com - (too competitive)
maxi dresses - (too competitive)
cheap dresses - (too competitive)
bebe dresses - 283 competition
maxi dress - 252 competition
indian dresses - 290 competition
lipsy dresses - 254 competition
dillards dresses 261 competition

There are definitely some terms already that are under the 300 QSR (competition) mark which is our goal.  Anything lower than this is a good keyword and as this number moves closer to ZERO, the better the keyword.

I am going to continue on with my research and see if I can find some more relevant search terms.

The next search I did was to “dig” and find even more relevant, low competition keywords.   This search I did was on “indian dresses”

indian fancy dress (138 competition)
indian dresses online (162 competition)
indian dresses online uk (42 competition)
indian dress designs (109 competition)
indian squaw fancy dress (107 competition)
indian print dresses (80 competition)
indian dresses online usa (36 competition)
indian dresses for girls (42 competition)
...and there were several others.

So I have done TWO searches in Jaaxy and I have close to 20 keywords in which I could easily leverage to get rankings within Google.  Getting rankings under keywords leads to traffic.

Once you have traffic, you can earn money in MANY different ways, including affiliate programs.

Now if I wanted to sell indian dresses online through affiliate programs or through my own etsy site, I could easily do this as a result of my keyword research.  I could also get ranked and sell advertising, I could even sell my website to someone interested in this niche (there are MANY website buyers out there).

And here is some simple keyword PROFIT math...

Say the average keyword I chose gets 200 clicks per month.  If I get ranked in the top 3 positions in Google (which is more than possible) under 10 of my 20 keywords, I would be looking at around 600-700 clicks to my website per month.

10 rankings x 200 clicks per month x 30% CTR = 600

Based on the average cost per click, THAT IS OVER $300 worth of traffic every single month from creating 10 keyword focused pages of content!  Imagine creating 50 or 100 or 1000!

And you can scale this as large as you want.  There are MILLIONS of keywords out there that are waiting for you to tap into!

Having Jaaxy is going to truly open doors and at the very least, I recommend that you set-up a free account.

==>  Create free account here!

Finding low competition keywords with Jaaxy

Today I want to talk keywords with you....more importantly proper use of keywords.

Chances are if you have been trying to earn a living on the Internet, you have likely become familiar and frustrated with the keywords.  I want to help you wash away your fears of keywords and allow you to embrace the sheer massive keyword potential that lies out there.

First things first though...

There are only a few things you need to know and have.

There is only ONE tool that you need to use if you want become a MASTER within the keyword research world.  Jaaxy (

Then there is the “important” keyword metrics.  There are only really a few things you need to know and I am going to be stepping you through these.

Alight? cool...

My goal when doing keyword research is to get rankings in Google and other search engines, without this there really is no point. We want rankings and we want traffic.

And rankings all start with “low competition” keywords.   If a keyword is low competition, it is MUCH easier to get ranked in Google.  If you can get ranked in Google and other search engines, you can get more traffic.  More traffic leads to more revenue.

Plain and simple.

Most people don’t understand how to find your true competition and because of this I have created a video that you should check out.

WATCH VIDEO: How to Find Your True Competition in Google

There is a ONE tool online that can find the exact competition in an instant and it is completely FREE for you to try.  There is not another keyword tool in the industry that comes close to the “value” that offers.

There are 3 steps to finding keywords with a competition score that will allow you to get the BEST rankings in Google.

Step 1:  Create Your Free Jaaxy Account (
Step 2: Perform a keyword search in your niche
Step 3: Save all the keywords with under 300 QSR

Remember, the closer the competition is to ZERO, the better.  If you find keywords that are close to ZERO in Jaaxy, you can assure that you are going to have a first page ranking upon creating content targeting this term on your site.

Any Niche Can Be Successful!

How are you doing today?  I hope you have made some more wonderful progress this week with your website, but always remember to work at your own pace.  This is not a race and if you are moving forward you, you are heading in the right direction.

Today I want to talk NICHES with you. 

This is a scary term for so many folks, even after the point in which they have chosen their niche.  Some of the most common questions that we get are:
  • Can I create success in my niche?
  • What can I promote within my niche?
  • Where do I find products?
  • How can I be the expert if I don't know much yet?
  • What about all my competition that I see?
I can appreciate the concerns when starting out, I had the same thoughts and I second guessed myself until I was able to create success in one niche...then another...and then another.

Kyle has actually answered all of these within the "How to Become an Expert in Any Niche" Video Class that you get as a bonus instantly when you join Premium.

In this training, he walks you through the entire process of taking any niche (he actually uses an example niche that he knows nothing about) and shows you exactly how to become an expert in that niche.

He answers all the questions above in detail as he let's you step inside of his brain and understand the way he literally goes into any niche and creates a successful business out of it.

Kyle and I have both independently been successful within MANY different niches over the years so I know you are going to obtain an absolute ton of value from this hour long video!

Get This BONUS "Niche Expert" Training When you Go Premium!

Remember, no "expert" ever starts off as one...

You WORK your way towards become an expert and YOU can become an expert in absolutely any niche you want, whether you are going through the Getting Started training or the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Remember, there are 2.8 BILLION people online.  That is a freakin' huge number!  When you put all of these people in one place, searching for things every day, you have billions of people actively researching, looking for help, and buying products/services within EVERY niche.

That is why we always recommend you choose a path that you are interested in and passionate about....because well, ANY NICHE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Here are just SIX of the awesome "business advantages " you are going to get when you upgrade to Premium today...things that you do not have now!

Awesome Websites.  Use the fastest and easiest to use website platform in the world to host as many niche websites as you like! When you own your websites, you reach more success...simple as that.  Our hosting is cloud based, lightening fast, and we offer 24/7/365 direct website support and monitoring!  You instantly unlock 40,000+ new plugins and over 2,400 themes/templates the minute you upgrade!

Awesome Rankings in Google (many premium members are getting 4,000+ clicks per month to their sites!).   You can create as many of these as you want and you can leverage the 30 second start to finish website creation process to pump out MANY successful niche websites.

Awesome Live Video Classes.  If you like visual walk-through training, this is your path to success.  Every week we spend a full hour walking you through a new marketing strategy that you can use to grow your business.

There is no better training than this online and you can take part in a brand new live video class (on a new topic) every week.   As a BONUS, we also give you access to a 100 bonus hours of past live classes.  Over 100 Hours for $19, this alone should be an absolute no brainer (less than 19 cents per hour of training)!

Awesome Affiliate Bootcamp.  The most elaborate and helpful training in the world.  Nothing compares to this training anywhere.  This training includes expert help, mentorship, daily video classes, and will take you from being an absolute newbie, to a superstar marketer.  There are many phases to this affiliate training and by the end of it you are assured to be a very successful marketer online.

Awesome 1-on-1 mentorship from internet millionaires.   Most people don’t have the ability to hang out with successful folks like you can at WA, and very few (other than Premium members) have the ability to personally contact Internet experts including Kyle and myself if you ever need a hand with your campaigns.  I have seen GURU’s charging $5,000 per session for this sort of support and YES, this is 100% included in your $19 Premium offer!

Awesome Business Building Classrooms (12 of them). Want to become an expert in several different categories within the internet business world?  If so, then these classrooms will literally blow you away.  More elaborate walk-through training then you will ever need.  Each classroom includes experts, live discussions, video and tutorial training, and complete lesson based courses!  This are essentially 13 completely different online business models you get to take advantage of!

I can assure you that there is nothing out there that comes even close to what we offer in the WA Premium membership  and you would be looking at spending $1,000’s per month (if you could even find something comparable out there).

If you join in the next 3 days you are going to get this for $19 for you first month + Kyle's never seen before BONUS!  No obligations to stick around after this as you are in the driver's seat with your membership.  We don't believe in contracts, we believe in offering QUALITY service.)

So I invite you to join WA Premium today.  I want to personally see you create something awesome online, I know you can and you WILL with the help we offer you inside of Premium.

Here is your special "59% off first month" discount link (will also give you access to the bonus):

What are your "money" goals?

Today I want to talk money and what your financial goals are.  Most of us want success online, but most of us never really take the time to define it, nor do we take time to understand what we are going to do to get there.

The most common mistake I see is folks that want money "fast" without really understanding money and how it is earned through creating a business online.

Because of this, I want to get you taking action today within a discussion and posting your financial goals.   These are the questions that I want you to answer.
  • How much money would you be happy earning?
  • How much would you be ecstatic earning?
  • And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I can tell you from personal experience, when I started out I worked so HARD for 3 full months before I ever saw a dime online.  But the feeling of earning those first few $$ was absolutely unbelievable.  I instantly knew it was real and this "online thing" really worked.

That gave me the motivation to kick things into high gear and by month 6 I was earning revenue every day, within the first year I was MORE THAN a full-time income.

And 12 years later, I have the best JOB in the world.  Helping folks and earning a full time living in the process.

But one thing I never had was help, support, training, tools, or even the ability to create websites like you can within Wealthy Affiliate, and moreso within Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  I can only imagine how having something like this back when I started would have expedited my success.

You have access to Wealthy Affiliate and you can access Premium, the full meal deal for $19 your first month, $47 if you decide to stick around (plus there is a heavy discount if you decide to go yearly after your first month).

 If you join within the next 6 days, I am going to add some awesomeness to the offer.   I have spent a good deal of time putting together over an hour of video outlining how I approach niches and how I become an expert within any niche (in other words, succeed within any niche).

And I am going to show YOU exactly how you can do this.  Over the years I have been the top affiliate for companies within many different niches and I really want to share my story and my approach to this with you.

You can get your hands on the "How to Become an Expert in ANY Niche" video class instantly if you take action and upgrade to the unbelievable Premium membership today.  (I will send it directly to you via private message) ===> Upgrade to Premium and Get My Bonus!

I might be limiting the number of these bonuses I give away, so do act quick if you are interested in this "additional" cherry on the top of what is already the most powerful platform in the world for building a business online at WA.

Plain and simple, you deserve success!  You have been grinding away for far too long and as a Premium member, you will have absolutely everything you need to create, grow and scale a business online (no more expenses EVER).

And it's only $19 for your first month.  Don't talk yourself out of your own personal success, this could be your future in the same way it has become mine.

Here is your special 59% off discount  link:

One more thing.  As a premium member, you can create a business of any size you like.  We have members that are running their entire million dollar businesses from Premium, so once you have access to the tools, the support, the training and the websites within Premium, you really have all you need to grow as small or as large as you want within the online business world.

Go Premium for $19 Today!  I Absolutely KNOW You Will Love It! (join using the link below)

You Freakin' Rock! - The Results And Bonus

We would like to thank everyone who completed the survey so very much for your feedback.  In appreciation of you doing this, we are going to be doing a few awesome things for you.

The survey responses have really helped us more than you know!

There was a lot of wonderful feedback, and we are glad for the support of our vision at Wealthy Affiliate.  We also received a lot of great “constructive criticism” which is really awesome.   It helps us grow and improve our service at Wealthy Affiliate to best suit you and your needs as a marketer.

We know we are not perfect,  but we know that in order to offer the best service, we have to listen to our customers as well as our prospective customers.  So thanks again for all your insights.

So cool thing is, most of the folks that responded to the survey are absolutely 100% capable of achieving a great deal of  success online, and that includes YOU.  Chances are you have just been misinformed or have been associated with the wrong training/mentors in the past (more detail to come).

First though, here is the feedback to the survey out of the 1,000's of responses we have received thus far.

(1) How long have you been trying to create a full time income online?

1. 0-6 months 18%
2. 6-12 months 24%
3. 1-2 years 55% (most common)
4. A really long time 9%

(2) What do you find to be the most difficult hurdle to overcome?

1. Understanding Technology 22%
2. Creating Content 28%
3. Build a website 40% (most common)
4. Focusing on one thing 10%

(3) Have you ever had a personal mentor (online)?

YES 13%
NO 87% (most common)

(4) What could we do to make WA a better experience for YOU?
  • Make it less overwhelming / too much to learn (373 people)
  • Ability to get personal help (541 people)
  • Earn more money  (408 people)
  • More help getting started (234 people)
  • More live walkthroughs (425 people)
  • Want access to the initial offer again/lower price (855 people)
Lot's of great feedback and I can tell that most people are action takers.  We can facilitate you in your journey to success within Wealthy Affiliate, but ultimately what "you do" will make the difference between you making a full time living online or making nothing at all.

Because of this, and your feedback via the survey, I want to inform you that we are doing a few things that are really going to help you in your journey.

First Awesome Thing:  We have re-introduced your Premium support for an additional 7 days.  You can continiue communicating within Wealthy Affiliate and get help within the community.  As you know this is usually a Premium Only member service, but we decided to extend this for you for another week because we know it will help you continue with your progress.

Second Awesome Thing: We have also extended your first month Premium discount for another 7 days.   This means that you can join Wealthy Affiliate Premium, the Internet's only all inclusive education and business building platform, for $19 your first month (a 59% discount)!

A Unbelievable "Expert in Any Niche" Video BONUS: Kyle has dedicate hours to creating a video outlining the process of becoming an expert in any niche.  This is the true path to ANY level of success you want to achieve and I think you are going to, be below away by what he uncovers in the over 1 hour video walk-through.  He is talking from experience here and it is going to shed some light on how YOU can become an expert in ANY niche.  If you join in the ONLY in the next 7 days you will get this bonus.

I know you will absolutely love the Premium service and if you are even remotely interested, I hope you take advantage of this.  You will never have to invest in another program online again, EVERYTHING you need is within Premium.

Go Premium today for $19! (works out to less than $0.60 per day)!

MOBE's highest paid soccer player

It's just been a crazy past week, living out of hotels, seminar rooms, airports and planes...

Last week we had our Platinum Mastermind in Malaysia with close to 100 people attending, then mid-way through that I flew all night 17 hours to London, spoke on stage in front of 2,100 people (my biggest audience yet), then flew back to Malaysia to finish the Platinum Mastermind.

And now I just got done doing another event back in London! 

A lot of people ask me, "don't you ever get sick of all the travelling?"


But I like getting to as many MOBE events as I can and talking to our students - many of them are subscribers who read these emails, just like you.

I get to hear all of their thoughts around starting an online business.

They tell me what they want to learn... their fears... their struggles... their goals... what it would mean to them if they could actually start earning a decent income online from home - even just an extra couple hundred bucks a day.

They'd be able to quit their jobs... stay at home with their kids... get out of debt... put a grand child through college... finally take a holiday... etc. 

They all have their reasons. 

And it's a great thing they make the effort to attend a live MOBE event training.  Nothing can take the place of live, face-to-face training.

If you haven't been to a MOBE event, then try to get to one soon. 

We have them in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.  In the next few months we'll be coming to 
Canada, Hong Kong, and Scotland.  More countries will be added soon.

You can see some of them here: (we are working on updating this page so it's a lot more detailed and you can see the schedule 60 days in advance).

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note I wanted to share this new video with you:

This is Paul Lynch... Paul was going to be a pro soccer player, but unfortunately hurt his leg.

While laying in a hospital bed, he turned to internet marketing.  At first, he didn't have a clue what he was doing.

But he stuck at it.  He bought courses, he tried different things.  He knew that if other people could it... then so could he - he just had to figure out what they were doing.

The reason I share this with you, is because the $1.7m that Paul has made with MOBE (which makes him our 4th top earner of all time) has come from him using this program.

It's the same program that all of our top 10 earners have used to create incredible incomes inside of MOBE - and it's helped literally over 8,000 people around the world make commissions.

Some have made a lot more than others - but at least 8,000 people have made something with it.

If you've already been through it, great.  If you're going through it, that's excellent.

But if you haven't yet at least tried it... then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

You will need at least 30 mins a day to begin.  I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's some magical system where you don't have to do any work - you do.

But as long as you're willing to put in some time and effort, there's no reason why you can't do well.

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up - it's getting late here.  I'll be in London for a few more days, then I'm off to Scotland.  I'll be in touch.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Video Tip #5: How I Find Unlimited Keywords?

I have been in the Internet marketing industry for 11 years, but one thing that has remained a constant through the years is that I don't like to waste a bunch of time doing keyword research.

There is no need for it.

There are not only a hoard of free keyword research techniques out there, there are some awesomely powerful tools that you can use to find low competition, high traffic keywords (a.k.a. the best type of keywords).

I actually have a favorite research technique that I have called the "Alphabet Soup Technique".  Strange name I know, but you will understand why when you watch the following video from your Wealthy Affiliate account...

==> VIDEO: Find UNLIMITED keywords using the "Alphabet Soup Technique"

Honestly, if you watch this video you have absolutely no excuse for not being able to find keywords.

If you don't watch the video, then it isn't my fault if you struggle with keywords for the rest of your

At a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, you also have access to 30 searches using the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is great for elaborating on your keyword research. Simply take a keyword that you come up with using the Alphabet Soup Technique, and then plug it into the keyword tool at WA.

==>  Access the Keyword Tool Here!

It is as easy as that.  Of course, I have years of experience and doing this stuff is second nature for me now, but in no time you are going to become an keyword research expert yourself.

As always, if you ever need a hand, simply let us know within WA and we will be more than happy to help you out.

My Favorite Keyword Tool  ==>

As I said, I have 10 years of experience now in the keyword research world.  It takes a lot of a keyword tool to live up to my expectations and to actually provide data that I cannot easily find myself.

Jaaxy is the only keyword tool I use because it captures competition and keyword data that no other keyword in the tool can get for me.

If you want to try out the keyword tool that I absolutely love and that saves me literally 10's of hours of time every month (remember, time is $$$), I suggest you check out Jaaxy.  It is an unbelievable tool, the most powerful keyword research platform you will find on the Internet.

You can get 30 free searches when you sign-up as well, no obligations or credit card.  I do suggest you check it out.

Video Tip #4: How the heck to set-up your website...

Today I want to give you a hand setting up your website.  Too many people let themselves get frustrated at this point, so if you lend me a few minutes of your time, I will show you exactly how to set it up.

I have created a short video for you walking you through the main set-up of Wordpress and I show you everything you need to know.

==> WATCH VIDEO: Setting Up Your Wordpress Site at Wealthy Affiliate

Setting up your website for the first time can be a little bit confusing.  That is OK, I am 100% confident you will get the hang of this...and if you get stuck, you have an unbelievable amount of support within Wealthy Affiliate.   Just ask for help by leaving a comment below the video.

Again, this video is going to make your website set-up a breeze.

==> WATCH VIDEO: Setting Up Your Wordpress Site at Wealthy Affiliate

There is no reason to EVER struggle with anything.  You have an entire community behind you at Wealthy Affiliate and all the training that you could ever need to create a very successful website.

Video Tip #3: Your own niche website in 30 seconds!

Kyle here, how is your progress going within Wealthy Affiliate?  I hope all is going well.  If you don't already have a website or if you are struggling to create a website, you will want to pay attention to what I will be walking you through here.

Today I am going to show you something that I think you are going to find really awesome!  I am going to show YOU how you can have your own niche website up and running a mere 30 seconds from now (no joke).

These websites are:
  • Fully functional Wordpress sites
  • You can promote whatever you like on them (any niche)
  • They are hosted on our state of the art, high bandwith hosting
  • You have over 1,300 website themes to choose from
  • They are completely FREE with your Starter membership.

==> Watch Video: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

Here are the steps you are going to need to follow to get your website up and running.

Step 1: Follow the steps in the video

Watch the following video:

==> Watch Video: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

This is going to walk you through the process as I show you LIVE how I create a fully functional Wordpress website in a niche of MY choice in less than 30 seconds.  I think you are going to be amazed as to how easy this really is. :)

Step 2: Build your OWN niche website (in less than 30 seconds)

Simply go to your "Websites & Hosting" section within Wealthy Affiliate and build your site.  You can and will have your own website in just a few minutes from now if you take action on this.

In fact, you don't get one website, you get two free websites with your Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership.

Happy website building!