Saturday, August 17, 2019

Japan's Companies Plans for 21 New Supercritical Coal-fired Power Stations Within the Next Decade

 Isogo 600-MW Ultrasupercritical Thermal Power Station

Japanese companies have cancelled plans to build about 4,800 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired power generation capacity since 2017, according to a Reuters survey.

Nevertheless the country still plans a wave of new coal-fired power stations as it struggles to revive its nuclear industry, which is still mostly shut down in the wake of the Fukushima disaster of 2011. 

Nuclear power contributed nearly a third of total electricity generated before the catastrophe.

Companies are planning to build 21 new coal-fired power-generation units with total capacity of as much as 12,581 MW, within the next decade.

Japan had coal generation capacity totalling 43,120 MW at the end of March this year and that figure is expected to reach 52,400 MW in 2023, according the country's grid monitor.

The following is a list of coal-fired power-generation units that utilities, steelmakers and other companies are planning or considering building, along with their scheduled start of operations. Capacity figures are in megawatts.

Company                 Size (MW)    Start of  operations
Tohoku Electric            600                Aug. 2019
Kyushu Electric        1,000                 Dec. 2019
IDI Infrastructures       112                 Nov. 2020
J-Power                        600                June 2020                   
J-Power                        645                 July 2020
Nippon Steel                540                 Sept. 2020                                
JERA                            650                 Feb. 2021
Chugoku Electric         112              March 2021
Hiroshima Gas             540                Sept. 2021
Kobe Steel                   650              March 2022
JERA                         1,070             March 2022
Chugoku Electric      1,000                Nov. 2022
Kobe Steel                   650              March 2023
Shikoku Electric          500                June 2023
J-Power                        600                 No date
JERA                            650                    2023                    
JERA                            650                 No date                        
JERA                            650                    2024 
J-Power                        600                 No date
ABL                             112              April 2022

The 10 largest coal producers and exporters in Indonesia:

  1. Bumi Resouces
  2. Adaro Energy
  3. Indo Tambangraya Megah
  4. Berau Coal
  5. Bukit Asam
  6. Baramulti Sukses Sarana
  7. Harum Energy
  8. Mitrabara Adiperdana 
  9. Samindo Resources
  10. United Tractors

Source: Reuters
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