Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Several signs to someone having an alcohol problem

Alcoholism is a serious disease that if not treated can be fatal. If you believe that you or someone you know is an alcoholic or abusing alcohol, knowing what the signs and symptoms are will help you in getting them the help that they need. There are several signs to someone having an alcohol problem. Alcoholism is a very progressive disease which means that the symptoms you or your loved one is experiencing are going to become increasingly more critical as time passes on.

Everyone is Different

Not everyone is going to show symptoms of alcohol abuse or alcoholism right away or in any particular pattern. However, those who do abuse alcohol will begin to start with early symptoms and later begin to show signs that are increasingly worse. 

Early Signs of an Alcohol Problem

A person who is dealing with an alcohol problem is not going to be fully aware of it. Some of the earlier signs of a problem are: a routine pattern of drinking heavily, recklessly drinking without a care for the outcome, and frequent intoxication. Other signs you might notice are their changes in behavior as they drink. Those with a problem tend to have a drastic personality change in which they can go from normal to angry or even violent in a matter of seconds.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

You can really begin to see the signs described above get progressively worse the more a person abuses alcohol. Some of the things you might need to pay attention to are: if they continue to drink despite the fact that it is causing an increasing amount of complications. At this point you might also notice that the person is willing to drive drunk, they prefer to drink over handling responsibilities such as going to work, and are even willing to face getting in trouble with the law without any signs of caution.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

If nothing is done when the above signs are displayed, alcohol abuse can quickly turn into alcoholism which in many ways is an uncontrollable disease. A person that has become dependent upon alcohol feels as if they need the alcohol to get through the day.

When abuse of alcohol is allowed to reach this level of dependency, the affected person is likely to experience other symptoms that might include: neglecting their daily activities, excessively using alcohol, inability to control the need for alcohol, large portions of their daily lives revolve around alcohol related activities, and withdrawal symptoms if alcohol is not within reach.

What Can You Do?

If you or someone you know is dealing with an alcohol abuse or dependency problem, the sooner you act to get help the better off you will be. If you are the abuser, consider talking with a doctor or psychiatrist about your problem to receive professional assistance in kicking the habit for good. However, if you are a friend or family member of an abuser, all you can do is be there to support them and try to guide them in the right direction. Remember, no one can be treated from this, until they are fully ready.

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