Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How much a person can drink and not be drunk?

Does it take you one 12 oz. beer to be tipsy while it takes your friend a full six pack? There are plenty of factors that could answer why it is that some people can drink more than others. Some of it is genetics, other factors include their environment and influences, however, below you will find a few factors that you may or may not have taken into consideration.
What is Your Level of Tolerance?
Most state laws will say that drinking any more than three beers could get the average person (weighing about 155 lbs) drunk. However, the truth of the matter is, this is only the average recommendation, experts believe that not many people know what their tolerance level is and that there could be other contributing factors to figuring it out.
The heavier you are the more alcohol you can consume before you become tipsy or drunk. Medical studies show that the average person can metabolize one drink in about an hour. Those who weigh less however, can be greatly affected by consuming the same amount of alcohol as a heavier person. Since there is a larger body mass index and increased levels of plasma in the body, these all contribute to why someone who is bigger can drink more.
Ethnic Background
Ethnic background believe it or not can have something to do with how much a person drinks. Medical studies show that the enzymes that would metabolize alcohol could be less present in certain groups. For instance the Asian community has a genetic enzyme called acetaldehyde that produces a rapid heartbeat and rosy drinks after a small amount. Also if drinking is a cultural experience you are more likely to drink heavier than others.
Eating can make you feel less drunk than you are. The more fats/carbs you consume the more you put off feeling intoxicated. However, you should be forewarned that you’re not stopping your body from absorbing the alcohol; you’re only delaying it so that it does not take affect so fast. The emptier your stomach is the more alcohol will affect you.
What could time have to do with drinking more or less than someone else? A person who drinks more often is likely to develop a higher tolerance to those who only drink occasionally.
Last but not least is perception. While this factor does not affect how drunk you are for some people it can affect how drunk they feel. For instance, if you were to give a group of people a drink and tell them that there is alcohol in it, their brains may automatically begin to display signs of feeling tipsy, however, if you don’t tell those same group of people that their drink is spiked and they drink it, chances are they are not going to feel as drunk.
These few factors can greatly sway how much a person can drink and not be drunk. It is always best even equipped with this information that you drink in moderation. Alcohol does not affect everyone the same and therefore trying to “keep up with the Jones” is a surefire way to get drunk.


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